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Four pieces of bathing beach Free water

Date: 2015-06-01

To beautify the coastline along the river landscape, next month 10, zhuhai will in shangri-la hotel, club HaTie river river waters make two free bathing beach, a total area of 5200 square meters for citizens and tourists summer cool, hydrophilic entertainment add new paradise. Along with the original of the two bathing beach is located in jiangbei, the bathing beach in zhuhai will be increased to 4 this summer.
More beautiful! All private terminals
According to the our city along the Yangtze river shoreline environment comprehensive improvement work arrangement, at present, maritime, city traffic, city flood prevention, hydrologic 6 dock has migrated to the tao respectively outside north 12 to 17, north street, street and upstream of the songhua river highway bridge 200 meters to 600 meters we official wharf berthing area. 10 next month, the city's 33 private and public piers will be moved to the specified anchor zone respectively.
Hi sands 5000 baths
River wharf after cleaning, specification, reveal the original along the coast, also let a lot of river sludge. To this end, our city will be the shangri-la hotel, club HaTie river two river waters of tidal flats bare dirt all covered with sand, two new total area of 5200 square meters of bathing beach. Reporters yesterday in shangri-la hotel see river waters, construction personnel are unloaded to the consideration of the sand on the sand carrier, then used excavators and other large machinery will smooth the sand. According to introducing, bathing beach area of 2700 square meters, the prepared kuala kangsar 4000 cubic meters. The bathing beach has been completed the laying of 600 square meters, is expected to be completed by the end of this month can; Sun bathing club HaTie river river waters with a total area of 2500 square meters, is expected to be completed next month to 10. City transport department relevant controller introduces, upon the beach laid, the two baths will all open to the public free of charge.