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The Modern Hotel Harbin (Ha'erbin Madie'er Binguan) is a business hotel located on Zhongyang Street and close to the beautiful Songhua River. This Harbin hotel offers various room types including single, standard rooms and deluxe suites. Hungry guest can make use of its on-site Chinese or Western restaurant.For fun,  there is an indoor swimming pool,tennis court and KTV, which stay open during most of the year.[View Detail]    

住客评论 1164条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • su874356614
    Old hotel, very good quality!
  • e00593888
    All right
  • estelle
    Overall good hotel, breakfast was delicious, the service is also very good, very satisfied
  • aawwss
    The central street of modern hotel. a century of heavy and culture, man as the eye will have a lot of respect for, and looked at the numbers marked once occupancy of Soong Ching ling, sakis snow, Tian Han, celebrities such as Xu Beihong, seemed to turn the corner to meet through history. Service staff enthusiasm, politeness, come again
  • liangl72
    I'm sorry the price
  • JasonJang
    That's good
  • sabrinaji
    Easy to go anywhere around. breakfast not delicious. service is also good. facilities are old and cost is not high, but focus on different is, after all, the century-old shop
  • juliette0573
    Hotel location is very good, around easily. but the decoration is very old and inadequate.
  • junnygl
    Old Hotel Nice is a very old tattered carpet in many places all over the hair curtain is not shading
  • b_____b
    50 hotels have 500, grab money, parking for 100, Rob, but I do not lack money, money will not go to the
  • ggj_smu
    Historic old hotel, on Central Avenue, very near from the Songhua River, is recommended.
  • e00413493
    Century-old cultural heritage hardware
  • wbindy
    Historic hotel, in the middle of Central Avenue, for travel, and history, very good!
  • jarodluo
    Hotels history is history, and admired, the overall feeling you can also. hotel in great location, close to Central Avenue, belongs to the heartland, where convenient. internal facility slightly old, nice, worthy of recommendation.
  • cjw8488
    Central Avenue Center, century-old hotel, it's worth a shot!
  • e00082754
    Room smelled great, fan is too loud in the kitchen downstairs.
  • coco9999961
    Worthy of the century-old shop, must recommend! European architecture as a whole, feels like entering history. equipment have been refurbished, never felt old, very good!
  • ffuffu
    Room aromas, dining room slightly backward, more convenient transportation.
  • e00850801
    Very good
  • gaolun84
    Warm and thoughtful service and careful! the amenities! clean!
  • cuiailan525
    Advantages, location good, at any time out shopping central street, has Centennial old shop of style, is this reasons only live here-shortcomings, mountain 18 bent, seven turn eight turn came to room, also didn't, staying will confused has, just into housing, on saw a only flies flying, I is wits bucket Yong didn't also didn't can get-heard decoration of voice, asked help I took luggage of small brother, he faltered also no listening to clear said what. bathroom I some no language, was than General shortcut wineShop, toilet also is bad of, front desk sent people came repair, staff too casually, and Centennial old shop and the not commensurate-room put has two put Chair and small table, design Shi no consider to how sat up, need put double feet put in bed Shang to sat up, this is legend in the of 20 flat of standard between did-breakfast style less, taste General, only said can fill full belly. breakfast of waiter of career quality can't compliment, one female waiter side end with plate and and another a male clothingOfficer and laughing, touching noses-these small details of trance which is a century-old shop? which star should be level? if you want to inherit the essence of old, good attention to detail-more disappointing, but for one night only-
  • poppinwu5
    Centuries, special taste, in the street, for shopping trip
  • e04303594
    Got room card a door a unit strongly of smoke taste inclusion other not well-known was very not happy of taste head-on bashing to, wants to room, and fear also is as, into housing quickly open Windows. old shop, facilities old can understanding, but old ivory yellow of toilet seat circle Shang has a long 2cm, wide about 7 mm of a burning scar, still in using, SOAP disc also has burning scar, also put in wash pool side, on somewhat let people cannot understanding has, room of smell is staying of first feelAnd impressions, bathroom supplies and experience directly related to face not only in the lobby of the hotel, the room doesn't have to be expensive facilities, clean and tidy is the most basic requirements for all hotels. Room feels like a substandard sanitary conditions Inn, really worry, modern history of glory and the shop's reputation.
  • cwong_andrew
    Nice hotel, 1998 resident to Harbin this hotel, guests were quite satisfied.
  • AileenJiang
    From the central street close, hundred years old, and a very good environment, and cheap!
  • e05784104
    A hotel with a deep history, service specifications, hardware more backward. think hotel prices should be more populist, is a hotel facilities old; the second is price will attract more visitors, you can better promote modern brand, makes brands more influential, more modern can achieve greater success in the field.
  • amyfly
    Good location, convenient. places to eat around a lot.
  • yss212
    Nice morning stroll is no bustling crowds of Central Avenue; breakfast is also good, I feel very comfortable; a strong sense of history, lived in Edgar snow's living room, afternoon sun through the window suddenly Kate. but toilet facilities is a bit dated, there are bugs.
  • smw1988
    Why write this. Ah ha ha Ah ha ha, over
  • aiwei919
    Famous modern, seen repeatedly in the film, finally live a night. very special hotel and downstairs restaurant red soup is good, pot never tasted shrimp a try. modern is the most delicious yogurts, ice cream and plate and sausage, Sha Yike is also good.
  • Love me love
    Good location in the pedestrian street on the edge of, there are many place to stroll around, Sophia Church in about 10 minutes on foot, hotel have a balcony in the evening concert?.
  • e01751094
    Simple breakfast
  • liuliuniu
    Hundred years old, the rooms are traditional, but not very comfortable, location is great.
  • scc0819
    Location is very good, live in a hotel room with modern original nothing was renovated after, or rather old Interior, feel out of place
  • anjorl
    Location perfect, old hotel hardware General, this can understanding, after all big added is at Hotel history and location to live of. service is can't compliment, coincided with 15th early rain, wants to to feel rain in the of central street, door take umbrella to 150 Yuan deposit, at didn't with cash pressure has room card, waiter put umbrella Hoang has about abruptly said: 'remember this umbrella is good of, lost has bad has lost 150 Yuan'. This heart extreme upset, live came in of guest also will care you of umbrella well?! VeryHotels free use of umbrellas, where is God when the thief-proof.
  • e00121165
    Hotel is good, the service warm and considerate.
  • TenorBear
    Nothing, very disappointing stay
  • e03046443
    From the central street close, convenient, comfortable hotel. just at the door in the decoration, a bit of a mess
  • Latour
    Very good
  • liugwfn
    Very good hotel clean and sanitary living very comfortable
  • amberbabyblue
    Price is expensive, price is too low, the room small
  • greenappletiger
    Really old hardware
  • bobo_lulu
    Is expensive and bad worse than the hotel room very small and drivers guide in the corner unless you live much more than 1000 can also be a century of Fame to good WiFi speed
  • semmy
    8 o'clock in the morning arrived hotel, I by set business standard between yet out, front desk to has a big bed room first let I are rest, has waiter help took luggage, noon business standard between out Hou, also room Shi also has waiter help took luggage, service really good. at set Hotel Shi, I is in modern and friendship Palace Zhijian as appropriate, at friendship Palace pubiao is has room, last also is select has modern. General feel also is good, but also is mention two points, in Chinese Office eat has a times rice,Service and dishes like. toilet facilities. is a map at the front desk to 10 again, it's kind of. haha. son of the good impression of Harbin hope Harbin winter comes again, when I hope to next time, if there are modern, can have a better impression on him.
  • cncbayer
    Location super good! is too convenient! hotel is has history sense, although is new increased of housing, but next is many history celebrity live had of room, Soong Ching ling, Xu Zhi-Mo's, Ding Ling, contradictions, Republika Connaught, Hey yo don't too more has, and also has balcony directly can appreciate central street night, about floor is a food alley, legend in the of modern ice cream on in front
  • mengya62
    At eight in the morning, just to arrange a bed room, the next day after checking out luggage can also register free of charge in the hotel, very convenient, carrying luggage for an outing in the province
  • ainenine5524
    Equipment is old but the atmosphere is very retro
  • fayegui
    Hotel is located in Central Avenue, location great, travel and dining and shopping facilities is indeed aging room, especially the bathroom, to make people feel uncomfortable.
  • letitbesun
    Is Guo Moruo stayed room, antique, fine sense of history, old and thick, very clean, service is good. have to catch a plane to Changbai, breakfast 7, 6 stores left, did not eat.
    Not bad! is the old house point!