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Longjiang wetland added new gameplay Balloon racing cars Outdoor exploration reality show

Date: 2015-06-01

To the wetland, in addition to road, also can play some of what project? Recently, reporters learned from provincial wetland protection management center, vitality, discovery tour, wetland camp reality and wetlands have been incorporated into the wetland tourism resources in our province, the famous "wetland" classification, to time or romance, or irritation, or enjoy wetland trip, and see which is more suitable for you?
Wetland dynamic swim
Take the helicopter in a balloon
Hot springs resort to physical therapy
Mainly through developing frontier, exciting tour, improve wetland ecological tourism attraction. Including the depth swim swim, swim 7, 3rd.
1 depth swim - tent camps, geothermal hot springs, car rally
Location: at mohe north village
2, 7 -- -- parent-child rafting, fishing, swimming and sports
Location: MaoLan ditch
River planning project: the clouds drift exploration area, recreational area, river fishing, swimming and sports resort, viewing a barbecue area, hot spring resort, and Chinese medicine physical therapy services.
Features: rafting, fishing, hot springs
Time: 5 to 7 days
3 3 - yacht, helicopters, hot air balloon
Location: south urn river
Planning projects: forest bathing, viewing, bird watching, GuanDiaoTing, wooden footway, tourist resorts, camping holiday resort, the fishing, landscape avenue, photography, tour, culture creativity and other facilities
Features: in a helicopter
Time: 2-3 days
Location: sun island
Program: yacht, hiking, hot air balloon
Features: hot air balloon, yacht
Time: 2-3 days
Wetland summer camp
View fly red-crowned cranes The wetland museum
This is an ecological education for teenagers, experience, the development of science popularization, quality of summer camp product line, including self-help, academic, adventure, science and technology, sports, military, quality development of specific projects.
1 the west -- zhalong wetland nature reserve
Time: 15 days.
Features: red-crowned crane's hometown, wetland of international importance, suitable for birds birds reproduce natural paradise
Hook: a crane breeding research center, red-crowned cranes flying performance, wetland birds exhibition hall, etc
The principal part of the project planning project: zhalong wetland museum
Line 2 - Harbin wetland natural garden + + white fish bubble sun island + gold river
Time: 7 days.
Characteristics: diversity of wetlands, folk culture experience
Characteristic: sun island on foot
Program: sun island hiking adventure zone, Harbin wetland museum
3 the eastern wetlands at + three-ring bubble
Characteristics: good wetland resource protection, red-crowned crane and so on more than 40 protection bird migration and breeding grounds
Cognitive characteristic activity: wetland birds
Time: 1 day
Wetland reality
To participate in entertainment Film and television play location
New media as the medium, such as in reality through holding entertainment, film and television play, enlargement popularity, to promote wetland conservation and display the wetland landscape and wetland tourism resources.
Location: big river wetland
Features: flexure and ussuri river interchange, near the wild amur tigers ghettos in the world.
Time: 1 day
Discovery tour
Outdoor exploration wetland roots
Geek, birds, and other professionals in wetland wetland novelty seeking to expand wetland eco-tourism brand influence tourism product line. Have the hezhen nationality fishing and hunting, the original ecological folk custom village experience, wetland roots, mountain hiking, outdoor adventure, wetlands and agriculture, etc.
A non-professional northern line 1 - a professional 15 days, five days
Location: don't pull the river nature reserve
Features: outdoor adventure mountain hiking
Program: wetland plank road
Time: 2 days
2 line 7 days - professionals and non-professionals for three days
Location: wudalianchi pass
Features: outdoor adventure, climbing excursion
Garden wetland tourism planning project: dam under the bridge
Time: 1 day
7 days of east - 3 professionals, amateurs, 3 days
Location: flexure river nature reserve
Features: outdoor adventure, wetlands and agricultural experience
Program: goose nest island wetland experience hall, biological herbarium
Time: 1 day
Location: big river nature reserve
Features: the original experience, the hezhen nationality fishing and hunting and outdoor adventure
Time: 1-2 days