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Harbin city industrial enterprises promote atmospheric pollution remediation action

Date: 2015-06-01

The reporter learned from the municipal ministry committee that start city of history's most severe atmospheric pollution, since a clampdown, ministry committee to carry out the special usage of coal-fired boiler of the enterprise and motor energy conservation supervision, completed the 99 households of 19 sectors such as electricity heating industry key enterprises comprehensive examination, and has set up a first established in the province in the Harbin industrial key energy-using enterprise energy management system ".
Currently, complete the examination of 99 enterprises, 10 homes there use of under 10 ZhengDun and coal-fired boiler, was listed in the key work plan for the control of air pollution in 2015 in Harbin, the elimination of plan; At the same time, the city's committee is to include elimination plan under 10 ZhengDun and other 40 enterprises 73 (including 10 ZhengDun) of coal-fired boiler heating type, 112 and 112 enterprises under 10 ZhengDun industrial production (including 10 ZhengDun) removal of heating boiler on a screen. In 99 companies eliminate inefficient motor, a total of 29 families enterprises eliminated by the end of 2013-2014 with 37880 kw, inefficient motor is expected to have 25 units out by the end of 2015 enterprises in inefficient motor, a total of 21170 kilowatts.
Learned, according to the requirements prescribed by the state, the municipal ministry committee focusing on electric heat, non-metallic mineral products, petroleum processing and chemical products manufacturing and medicine and so on five big energy-consuming profession enterprise special on-site inspection; At the same time, according to the requirements of state and in our province, the key of electric heating power, cement, steel, and other enterprises backward mechanical and electrical equipment and energy consumption quota standards implementation on-site special supervision.
Another according to the ministry committee supervision center controller introduces, in accordance with the "twelfth five-year" overall planning of industrial energy conservation, the city's entrusted with the supervision as the main line, do supervision and service, strengthen the key energy-using enterprise energy-saving regulation, in the province take the lead in establishing the "Harbin industrial key energy-using enterprise energy management system", the energy consumption of key energy-using enterprise information collection, analysis, early warning and control. At present, the existing 106 enterprises, enterprises can use key energy-using data on monthly analysis of energy consumption situation of the enterprise according to the industry on a regular basis, by region, and the ten key energy consumption enterprises to analyze key aspects and so on, timely warning and control, to help enterprises find reason higher energy consumption and serious problems for the on-site inspection, effective play a monitoring role.