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Thirty thousand green feet across the jiangnan jiangbei on Saturday

Date: 2015-06-01

On Saturday, the 14th new evening, siasun, alum with mountain cup ten thousand foot competition will lead us, formally took his march to the sun island, by then, more than thirty thousand contestants will be printed in the foot contest mascot "green feet" shirt, appreciate the beautiful scenery of the jiangnan jiangbei together.
13 years, the 14 th, new evening contest of ten thousand people on foot to the concept of health, environmental protection, fashion into the veins of the city, as the "city card" was pushed to the world.
This year's contest was identified as "2015" charming "summer of Harbin tourism culture fashion events, the fifth China Harbin songhua river wetland festival launched the first activity, as a" charming "summer of Harbin" the beginning of the new evening, ten thousand people will continue to lead the masses of domestic and foreign contestants enjoy hiking competition shall city urban wetland landscape, unique experience and the snow and ice city Harbin, summer capital of the open inclusive.
This is the new evening for his third contest of ten thousand people on foot "charming" summer of Harbin "opening, in 2013 and 2014, the event was as" charming "summer of Harbin" prelude, attracted enthusiasm to participate in provincial and international friends from across the country. This year, the activity will continue to lead more than 30000 "green feet" around the jiangnan jiangbei, and stick to the city of Harbin atmosphere, western style, animation style to pass in the country and around the world.