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Railway theme park in late June to open

Date: 2015-06-01

The reporter learns from the city is built appoint, the end of June, Harbin railway museum theme park construction project land house acquisition work net to realize, will start the construction of theme park. Along the construction of Harbin railway museum, green square park and the parking lot, building green slow system, forming the jiangnan, jiangbei landscape leisure sightseeing belt.
According to introducing, Harbin railway museum theme park construction project is based on the original marina state railway as the core of railway culture park, south the daoli district forest street, sun island police loose north road on the north, 5.2 km, total land area of 140000 square meters, mainly around the marina state railway bridge function transformation for repair, construction of Harbin railway museum, the green square park and along the parking lot, etc.
The project is led by city is built appoint organize their implementation. On May 8, daoli district government officially launched the Harbin railway museum theme park peripheral environment comprehensive improvement project. On May 18, haaqi's guest designed area facilities demolition work starts, since forest street to river flood control channel of railway roadbed on the rail, sleeper, iron guardrail WeiDang migration and part of the seedlings have been dismantled, west to haaqi's guest designed songhua river bridge on three buildings are demolished, net plan completed by the end of June.