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2015 summer food festival come! Lu series about drinking?

Date: 2015-06-01

"Go, drink lu going!" Sorching summer, drink a little something to eat is undoubtedly the first gathering of BingChengRen meet. This summer, will add a city a good place for drinking lu string. On June 12 to 28, by the city business bureau, Harbin daily newspaper group hosted the 2015 summer food festival "will cover an area of 25000 square meters of international conference and exhibition sports center plaza, nearly 10 countries and Russia bunch, well-known brand beer Taiwan snacks, local meat products and green food, such as hundreds of delicious food waiting for you! Quick to thinks a drink with friends!
For "drink" BingChengRen drink cool, little of course not familiar snowflakes beer, food festival at the same time, to satisfy BingChengRen love reveal personality, and exotic nearly 10 countries of the world famous beer together together, not only have a heineken's Russia three bears, and Eric's old miller, gold barrel; You can also to the world famous German king beer and xue fu hao; Ivy from Turkey, the Baltic series beer... As long as you are not afraid of much more mixed, can taste dozens of brands of beer. For the ha Korea ha, young man, "you from the stars" in both professors and thousand of cass, eat Fried chicken drink beer must not strange, you can follow the pace of the idol, and the couple romantic about it.
Drink without kind of snacks should we have, in order to meet the tastes of different age people, the summer day are hundreds of different kinds of food for you. If you want to drink beer with some foreign foreign cuisine, can choose the authentic Russian electric baking bunch, pork chops, salad and Russian red fish roe, etc. Fashionable young people, of course, you can also choose to domestic the most popular spicy small lobster GUI jie street, and Taiwan more than 20 kinds of snack food. Often see an octopus in the food show feet, three cup chicken, fish, bean curd, e. package small intestine, etc., will be in summer food festival on the dining table. If you want to the top of the hour was old taste, still have the traditional Oriental dumpling king, JiaoYuChang, reliance of meat, chicken feet, pork, sausage, bean curd and so on dozens of fushi, can meet your requirements.
Eat drink, here you can also directly solving greasy, square with special health tea and fruit, not drink of the United States eyebrow also can try some potted ice cream and all kinds of fruit juice drinks in Taiwan. Moreover, during the food festival, food series, every day you can come to onlookers not only domestic celebrity chefs cooking methods, study on two, the scene can also taste the famous food for free!
The food festival calls for 84891396, 84891398.